Average Jane

Average Jane Lives!!

Hi. I’m Lisa. Pleasure to meet you. I guess if you got here you’re probably wondering who I am and what business I have blogging. Well, I’m assuming (from what I’ve heard) and that virtually no qualifications are needed for blogging. This works out perfectly for me as I have no qualifications. You see, I’m just an Average Jane trying to maneuver my way through life just like every other Joe or Jane out there. I don’t have any particular expertise. I don’t have any particular interests. I think I may be a lot like a lot of people out there, and I guess I hope to be our voice.

I guess the goal is to hear from you other Average Joes and Janes. All I ask is the following: Correct me if I’m wrong. Tell me your opinion. Open my eyes. I look forward to it!

I guess I’ll start with the real posting tomorrow, but do drop me a line to say hello!



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  1. * Joey O. says:

    Lisa’s got a Web siiiite…and an identity crisis, since she can’t figure out what her first name is. 😉

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  2. * Lisa says:

    Maybe I look like a Jane?

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  3. yay! I’ve now officially been through all of your entries.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago

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