Average Jane

Unsatisfied with my Station

My days run into eachother like streams and converge in a river of disdain for parts of my life that disappoint me and disgust me and make me realize that what I do is becoming who I am.

Mundane. Simple. Repetitive. Endless. Inconsequential. The day begins, the day ends, I keep busy, I accomplish things, and at day’s end my work has no value. I am a widget maker at the widget factory. My colleagues are also widget makers, but they are satisfied with their stations in life. They are happy with the nothingness and the emptiness. I am not.

I want my widgets to change the world. I want my widgets to be my words, and I want my words to be of consequence. I guess the idea that any one of us can change the world, least of all the meekest of us, is a silly idea, but perhaps one day, I will get up the nerve to take my silly idea to someone who likes silly ideas, and together we can grow my silly idea into a not-silly idea, maybe even a good idea, and then the good idea can become an action, and the action can become a movement, and the movement will inspire one person, and that one person will inspire two people, and maybe, just maybe I can make a small, widget-sized dent in the world… one day.

But for now, I am a widget maker. Hopefully not for long.


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  1. * david says:

    “One man can make a difference…”

    -Knight Rider

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 9 months ago

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