Average Jane

An Update onLife

Yet again inspired by my darling friend Jessica, Here is an update on my Life.

For anyone who has been following my life for the past 6 or 8 months, you know that I may not have had the easiest time of it. A few deaths. A lost job. No place to live…

Thanksgiving would prove to be no different. While driving home to see my parents, with Chis following me westbound on route 32 at Ft. Meade, I got into an accident. A bad one. I was ok, my darling car was not. Thank goodness I was the only one involved, spinning out on a tight turn. Chris saw the whole thing and was an absolute blessing to me. My car suffered $9000 in damage, all cosmetic.

3 weeks later, I got a ticket in the mail: Failure to reduce speed for weather conditions. I believe they call that “insult to injury”. Why the MP who issued the ticket was too much of a coward to hand it to me on the accident site is beyond me.

A few days prior to receiving said ticket, I started a temp to permanent job that has actually been a blessing. I’m doing what I really wanted to do which is marketing… real honest to goodness marketing.

When I got home from work my first day, I was exhausted. It’s hard starting a new job. I’m staying with my cousins in Ellicott City, mostly because it’s closer to Rockville than Joppatowne (by about 45 minutes). After dinner with the fam, I was cleaning up when I saw the dog up on the table sniffing around. I went to gently push him off the table (as he wasn’t responding to verbal commands) and he bit me. Right on the hand. Broke the skin. I broke down.

My second day of work, I got up nice and early to get a head start on traffic. I wanted the second day to go much better than the first. Standing at the front door ready to hit the road, the doorbell rings… “Hi, I live across the street and I just backed into that grey car…” Yes, that would be my grey rental car. Total breakdown #2. I just don’t know how many more hits this girl can take, ya know?

OK, so now for the mildly positive portion of this program… The job is going well. I’m moving to Rockville January 20th. I joined the gym again. Two of my FAVORITE people are coming to visit January 26th-ish. All things to really look forward to.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 2007 is my year. It has to be. It just has to.


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