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Inspired By-Proxy

My Best Friend Debi has a Best Friend Kate (and yes, I’m ok with that).

Kate, my Best Friend my association did a year end list of accomplishments that made her year super rockin’. I too, inspired by this, shall create such a list.

Lisa’s List of Things She Accomplished
1. I lost another 10 or so lbs bringing my grand total to …. 60ishy. Depending on the day. Er… the hour.

2. I went to Puerto Rico for the first time

3. I “bar tended” for the first time and made someone vomit. =) I think that’s a good bar tender.

4. I broke a toilet. The good way. With solid, fiber-ful poo.

5. I made my first christmas dinner – and it was a doozy: BRISKET, LATKES, ASPARAGUS, w/ STRAWBERRIES & WHIPPED CREAM for dessert. Be jealous, bitches.

6. I went to New York City and saw two of my bestest friends. There I learned that I have a few very useful skills:
a) I can
gawk pies with pinache.
b) I can communicate with
multiple species of animals.
c) I can use my
womanly wiles to get a bartender to cut our bar tab in half… even thoughI was with two other boys and a date.

7. I punched a phone board using a puncher thingy… and some good ole fashion elbow greeeeeze. Please do not ask me what this actually means.

8. I got me a man-friend. My first real man-friend. He’s pretty neat. I met him on an airplane which adds to the neatness.

9. I went camping. I don’t want to talk about it.

10. I fulfilled two adulthood dreams: Went to a corn maze, and went apple picking! (I have pictures of both of these but will have to post later.)

11. Went to my first real conference all by myself. It was hard work.

12. I went to court to fight a stupid parking ticket and WON! Because I rule. (scroll down in the link.)

13. I learned that sangria has a VERY particular affect on me. Very particular. (for more information, inquire within)

14. I turned 25 which means I can now rent a friggen car. AND my insurance went down… temporarily.

15. I learned to drive stick shift! Oh wait… no I didn’t. Bastards.

16. I met some really super awesome new friends who I hope will stick with me even though I’m kinda nutty.

17. Finally, I learned to appreciate even MORE all the wonderful people in my life. 2006 was not a good year. I turned to everyone around me more than I have ever before. And lo and behold, you were right there, ready to be leaned on. I love you all for that.

In 2006: I lost my job. Lost my apartment. Lost two wonderful people in my family. Lost lots of money in a bad lease agreement. Got in an accident. Got a ticket. Got depressed.

But NOW… I am ready to take on the world. Watch out. 2007 is ALL ME!




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  1. * Joey O. says:

    I have a feeling Mat would be very proud of you for #4.

    Congrats on your accomplishments, especially getting through the tough times. I’m glad we got to chat next week. Now go out and kick 2007’s ass!

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 6 months ago

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