Average Jane

Good Food. Good Friends.

WARNING: This post is long and possibly not all that interesting. Skip to the bottom for the moral.

I do not typically have “busy weekends.” Rather, I have weekends filled with nothing, smattered with errands and dinner making. Typically this is catch-up-on-tv-shopping-and-food-network time, as well. This weekend, however, was filled with activity… but more important, it was filled with food and friends. Most importantly, food. =)

My food filled weekend started Friday with a trip to Whole Foods for lunch. I had the most expensive lunch in recent memory and loved every moment of it. Meatballs in marinara sauce, brown rice, and a salad. Over $10 but HOT DARN it was good. 1 point for Whole Foods.

Dinner that night was at my mom’s best friend Terri’s house: Meatballs again (just a coincidence), chicken, yummy carrots, and pecan pie. I even ate 4 pecans. A little devil I am.

Saturday was culinarily diverse: We ate lunch at Wegman’s which rocked. Also very exciting, missing the Whole Foods lunch mark by mere cents. That evening was marginally culinarily unexciting (excused by the fact that the festivities were incredibly exciting). Had I eaten the food at Mat’s 30th birthday bash, it could have been inordinately more exciting! Pizza from BOP and cupcakes from apparently the best darn cupcake place in Baltimore. I, however, had yummy salad, popcorn, and my protein bar.

Sunday we hit the road slow, but it picked up SERIOUSLY in the evening. Breakfast was oatmeal (yum!) and lunch was beef jerky. Then walmart caught fire. Sunday night was orgasmically wonderful thanks to one of my dear friends EVA and her superrad boyfriend ALEX. They live in the cutest apartment in a super swanky building in Clarendon. I forgive them for living in VA. OK, I forgive Eva. Alex is unforgivable. We made organic lime chicken w/ black bean sauce and green beans w/ shallots. We also made guacamole and homemade tortilla chips. Mulled spiced cider for drinks, along with tequilla shots.

Monday was volunteer day/girls day. EVA and I volunteered at a men’s homeless shelter in DC painting. Lesson of the day: Best Buy employees not only look GREAT in blue, but are also civically minded. Lunch was grilled salmon sushi, which is now my all time favorite sushi ever.

Today is back to the grind. I don’t know why I felt the need to go on and on about my food this weekend.

MORAL: I guess the moral is, I am in a good place right now. Good enough place that I can now start having rambly posts about nothing in particular. I have so many people to be grateful for. I saw so many friends this weekend that I love dearly. I can’t wait to rejoin the human race and start loving life again. Thanks everyone!


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  1. * Jessica:) says:

    My dearest Knish, I’m so happy to hear that you’re happy and smiling again! I wish I were there to share the fun, but we’ll have plenty when I get back this summer. Lots of love, and keep smiling!

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 5 months ago

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