Average Jane

the reality of reality

I find it *very* sad that the reality of my recent breakup only hit home after I saw that I had been bumped from the #1 position on his myspace Top 8 to the #2 position. Relationship status: single. Profile picture of the two of us deleted.

Lesson of the day: you are not qualified to breakup with someone until you, too, have had your heart broken. I was not so qualified when I ended my relationship just one week ago today. I was selfish when I asked to be friends. I would say it outloud and not even believe myself. For once, though, I was true to myself. Unfortunately it was at the expense of someone I still do love dearly.

When does “what I need” turn into “selfish”? Is the line as blurry as he says? Or is it at clear as it seems to me?


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  1. * 123Valerie says:

    MySpace: Making people feel worse about themselves than they should since 2001.

    Bah,I say. Bah. If I kept a MySpace page, you’d be tops.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 2 months ago

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