Average Jane

I am pathetic

This may come as a shock to some of you, but probably not for most.

I am a pathetic patient.

When I am sick, I regress to the equivalent of an impetuous teenager: defying all of the doctors recommendations, and desperately needing my mommy. Rather than taking the day off yesterday (having woken up with 100 degree fever) I went into work, but called my mom on the way to tell her how sick I was. “Well, go home and sleep!” No, I can’t, I tell her. I don’t have any sick time! So, after being sent home, I took a short nap, some tylenol flu, and headed back to work. Why, you ask? Probably just so I could call my mom and complain again about sick I still felt. After being sent home a second time, I took yet another nap and decided to prepare for today… back at the office.

It didn’t work. It’s now almost 1pm and I got sent home a third time. Yes, fine. I’m sick. Whatever. But who is here to make me soup? Prepare my tea? Get me my teddy-dog? Rub my tummy when it hurts? Stroke my hair as I sleep?


And by “dying” I mean not all that sick. Just sick enough to render me useless but not sick enough to be diagnosable. As a hyper independent woman who prides herself on not relying on anyone for anything… it makes me even more sick to think that all I want right now is someone… anyone…

I feel more lonely than ever when I am ill. It reminds me that I am, in fact, alone. And an adult. And that my mom won’t actually be there to make my soup or tea or fetch my teddy-dog.

*cough cough*

Man. I am pathetic.


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