Average Jane

Part 2 – My gut is my master, indeed

(Note: please read “My gut is not my master” before reading this. It’ll make a tick more sense)

3:00pm Saturday- Arrive for bowl-a-thon looking ultra cute in my mom’s bowling shoes and my team t-shirt.

3:45- Roll a rockstar 146 game and feel super duper about myself!

4:30- Roll a decidedly non-rockstar 112 and giggle because I sucked so bad.

4:45- Try to make plans with 123Valerie, Cute Laura, et al.

5:00- Get a really bad feeling in my gut that I try to use to get out of plans with the crew. I turn to Valerie, “Hey, Val. You know when you just don’t have a good feeling about something? Something just doesn’t feel right?” 123Valerie does know what I’m talking about but says I’m being silly. That I will have a fabulous time. And I do.

5:15pm- I sit in my car in the parking lot after finalizing plans for drinks. I think about calling mom. Decide against it. Not done being angry yet. Angry happens on my terms, right? We got in a nasty fight yesterday about my brother. That’s actually the only thing we fight about these days. I hung up on her without saying “I Love You.” My friend Lish told me NEVER to do that. She lost her mom to cancer. I think about it all night. But I never call.

8:30am Sunday- Find out from my father that my mom was in a “non-injury” car accident yesterday.

Why didn’t you call me and tell me, dad?

“I didn’t want to ruin your fun. She’s fine. No injuries but the car is messed up.”

When did it happen?

“Yesterday at 5pm.”

It’s happened before. Stomach aches. Queeziness. No one believing me that something is wrong. Then, car breaks down. Someone gets sick. I get left at a bar. Etc.

My gut is my master. My intuition is strong.


Trust me.


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  1. * Kristin says:

    Way to be in tune with yourself. I’m glad it wasn’t so bad.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 1 month ago

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