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More Breaking News!

STOP WRITING!!! It will be used against you when you decide to go crazy!

Washingtonpost Headline: “Virginia Tech Gunman Wrote About Death and Spoke in Whispers”.

This was the “breaking news” from the Washington Post that I found in my e-mail inbox this morning. Such alerts typically used for news items like “Hurricane kills millions in New Orleans” or “Wolfowitz admits to being a douchebag” or “OJ Simpson killed his wife again.”

In the shower, I think about all the times I’ve spoken in whispers. But more than that, I think about all the things I’ve written that could possibly explain any psychotic breaks I have in the future. The poem below comes to mind in particular. After writing this piece, in perfect iambic pentameter I should add, in high school, I found myself called down to the guidance counselor’s office for a meeting.

This was the first time I learned that you can’t reveal everything to everyone… The first time I realized my writing is precious to me. It took me years to read anything else I wrote to anyone.

Love Sonnet

She knows the one who beats her every night.
She knows the one who always makes her frown
She knows the one who gives her the most fright
She knows the one who always knocks her down

From one she knows she can’t escape the wrath
Of one she holds she can’t resist the pain
Of one she chose she can’t forget the past
By one she needs she gets hurt just the same

But never will she leave this one alone
And never will she ask for anything
She can’t admit her “one” the devil’s own
The ignorance of praise is all she sings

She sits alone her pride upon a shelf
The perpetrator is her lonely self.

I’m no Shakespeare, but I was a writer, innocent in my intentions. Writing is so precious, so personal. So… not indicative of psychotic tendencies. Not always. I hope this latest breaking news doesn’t deter other students, other young writers from writing from their heart.


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  1. “Wolfowitz admits to being a douchebag”

    Beautiful…just friggin’ beautiful.

    See ya tomorrow night!

    OH…and I’ve got some Iron Maiden for you to listen to.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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