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This has been a paid political “blognouncement”

When a person makes the decision to enter the blogosphere, he or she takes on a certain responsibility. And by that, I mean not one ounce of responsibility whatsoever, but work with me here.

If our blog is read by even one stranger, we have power beyond the normal human being. We’re listened to. We have our very own cyber-soapbox. Now, don’t go thinking you’re a celebrity, darling. No no. Only Perez Hilton gets to claim such fame. But regardless, we are theoretically known to the universe, and therefore enter a new level of somethingness. But what we do with our new somethingness is what I have struggled with.

But today, whist talking (read: IMing while I should have been working) with a fellow blogger who shall not be named unless she tells me it’s ok, I realized that I need to use my somethingness… my powers… for good and not evil. How we define “good” is what I would like to discuss with you today.

We use our blogs for things like discussing the news of the day, telling our fellow bloglings how to not look like a jerk (at the gym, or on the metro, or at a bar), and introducing blogophiles to the best new links/features/videos on the interweb… but I think we need to do more.

Which brings me to my conversation I had earlier today. I went on a date with a certain boy a good while ago. It did not go well. Don’t get me wrong, the actual date could have been perfection… had he not actually been there. Bummer, eh? At least I can reuse that date with a more thoroughly tested lead and no one would be the smarter (I really hope no qualified leads are reading this. And if you are, why are you still out there and not here? Anyway…)

Back to the story – So after the date I do what any self respecting girl does and tells the vast majority of my girlfriends how terrible it was and we all giggle about it and have a pillow fight in our skimpiest lingerie.

Well, months later I find out from my friend that someone else had been asked out by this gentleman and the date was just as disastrous, and from what I understand it may have actually been worse. I felt terrible! How did I miss someone? How did I let womankind down? Which is where I came up with the “blognouncement”.

It’s not nice to put other people on blast, but I think that it’s a disservice to The Sisterhood to know full well that there are evil icky men lurking out there and not tell them about it! I know there are websites where you can rag on your cheating boyfriend and tell other ladies to avoid them. But I’m not talking about that. You don’t know them after all, and we, you and I, are best friends. You know all about me. You know about my family and my friends, the stinky guy at the gym, and the creepy elevator guy on the second floor. You know I have a thing for hot young 20 year olds with no personality but a smokin hot body. See? I have taste! You can trust me. So if I were to I put out a blognouncement, you would have every reason to heed my warning.

If we have no problem telling our friends about the best and worst restaurants in town, why should we stop there? I know, it’s just not nice, and we bloggers are nothing if not nice and snark-free.

But wow… how liberating it would be to unapologetically throw someone else’s dirty laundry to the world for once.


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  1. * Jessica:) says:

    The problem is not always in the not announcing (or blognouncing, I guess), but sometimes in the not listening. As in, “don’t date that guy, he’s not good people.” “Yeah, we talked, and we hit it off, and we’re going out…” and a few weeks/months later, “I realized he’s just not good people.” Sometimes we like to figure these things out on our own, although I have no idea why. (If I did, my upcoming sermons would be written already.) A kind warning is often appreciated, it’s just not always heeded.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Mandy says:

    It’s okay. I don’t mind a bit. 🙂

    I rather enjoyed our conversation. And I also agree with Jessica. We, as individuals, reserve the right to decide who we do and don’t like. And those who do decide on their own are people I typically find myself most attracted to. Like you!

    But I also think there’s nothing wrong with spilling YOUR dirty laundry Jane. You can use your talents to do whatever you like – that’s the beauty of blogging. Unfortunately, slinging someone else’s name through the mud probably wouldn’t do much to help the poor dude – it’d just make him seem more intoxicating by a few desperate girls. (oop… was that mean?)

    Relaying a situation (or date) to strangers on a blog for the larger purpose of getting something off your chest, or assessing an issue, or a conflict, etc is one thing. Slandering someone’s name just for revenge (which is totally NOT what I think you meant by this post) is something else entirely. Petty.

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of folks don’t seem to realize that their words have consequences. Even if they’re in this no-mans land of cyberspace.

    Anyway… you get the idea.


    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  3. * Arjewtino says:

    The only service you need to provide is descriptions of your lesbian experimentation days in college.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  4. * matt says:


    Only 12% of the Internet population (adult) in the United States keeps a blog.

    We are elite.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago

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