Average Jane

Um, can we reschedule?

Wednesday afternoon I set up a very important meeting at work. It was for a new project I’m working on at… well, work. The time was all set for Monday afternoon with a few big wigs at the office who were hard to get scheduled. It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon while I was scheduling another Monday meeting did I realize that I AM GOING ON VACATION!

I’m off to Seattle to see two of my best friends, Raindog and Jodrell. I’m going to Seattle to see two of the coolest, smartest men in, we’ll say, the world. And when we get together, we party hardy. Oh the pictures.

Hey! You! Gutter! Mind! Out!

Last year we took over NYC and had an absolute blast. There was a zoo, drag queens, and an oirish bartender all culminating in my jumping over the bar and doing an axl rose impression at stupid o’clock in the morning in Manhattan.

Then they came to DC this past March when we climbed some rocks, crashed an anti-war rally in DC, and hung out with our BFF Mike the bartender at my “local” (so sad that Mama Lucia’s is my “local”).

And now we’re off to Seattle. I’m going to be facing some demons… going back to my old town, seeing my old boss…  I have changed so much, physically, mentally, emotionally. My biggest fear is that I’ll regress when I see them. I have thought about canceling and just not going back. Leave the past in the past, they say. But in another way, I want to see them, show myself off. Not just my new body, but my new attitude and confidence.

And once my demons have been sufficiently faced, the partying will begin. Quantum theory will be discussed, the codemonkeys will talk code, and I will drink. We will shoot pool. Lots of pool. There will be debauchery. And rock climbing. And a possible run around Green Lake.

I just can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ll miss you all while I’m gone… a little.

Since I’m not around to moderate your lovely comments, tell us all about your last vacation!


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