Average Jane

Today was a good day


Jane – “Excuse me, but do you have sugar free ice cream milkshakes?”

Cheeburger Cheeburger Mikshakestress – “…No?”

Jane – “Really? No? Oh, alright. Donuts it is!”

Jane Turns 1

And so ended my day, my birthday. The best one I’ve had in about as long as I can remember.

My office was decorated when I arrived at work, complete with “Birthday Girl” sash which I proudly wore all day. That’s right. All. Day. I went to lunch with my incredible team. I got about a BILLION facebook wall posts wishing me a happy day. Happy Day wishes from people who I haven’t spoken to since high school, and who probably wouldn’t have wished me a happy birthday even when we were in high school. The giggles were endless. The day came. The day went. Truffles were handed out in appreciation for the niceness. Not bribery… gratitude.

After work I waited anxiously for my evening plans to begin, and it just kept getting better. We went to a Sushi joint in the suburban-ist part of my slice of suburbia. Rolls were ordered, outside of my comfort zone… outside of my calorie zone… and I didn’t care. I ate until I was full. I laughed louder and hardier than I’ve laughed in ages (at least on this coast). I spent time with some new, incredible friends who made me realize that not all people are evil soul-sucking jerkfaces. Yeeeeeah.

I haven’t touched too much on my issues with food, but those of you who know me know that it runs deep. But today was my day.

After sushi we went back to my neck of the woods to finish up the night. Ice cream had already been nixed and beer was crossed off the list, as well. But as we pulled up to my apartment, the glow of the Krispy Kreme sign beckoned to us as we pulled up to the door. It drew us in with a mangetic force that was, in the end, irresistible. Just as we pulled up to the parking lot, I was intoxicated by the thought of a milkshake… a Cheeburger Cheeburger milkshake. This plan for a “healthy” post-dinner dessert of sugar-free-ice-cream-shakes was thwarted and so the choice was clear: Krispy Kreme. Hot damn.

Do you know the scam they’re running over there? $.99 per donut, but $6.49 for a dozen. What. Da. Fuck. So, of course, we bought the dozen. The 4 of us. A dozen. Bitches.

And then it happened. I don’t know if any of you will truly appreciate the magintude of what happened, but it did. I ate a donut… and a half. That’s 350 calories of white flour and sugar. So between the 800 calories I ate at dinner and the 350 calories I ate at dessert, I ate nearly as many calories as I consume in a day. Right now I’m not 100% ok with it, but I’m sure tomorrow I will be. It was my birthday after all, right? And I went to the gym this morning. The sharp pain in my stomach will surely go away soon… right?


(just like I didn’t let one obnoxious IM ruin my morning)

In case you all didn’t know, I have the best friends in the world. Today was my day. Saturday is my day, too.

Thank you all. My birthday only matters because it means I get to spend more time with you.


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  1. * Alex says:

    My birthdays are usually anti-climatic, but it sounds like you had a really good one. That’s pretty cool. Good for you, hon. A lurker’s words are cheap, but happy birthday.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago
  2. * carrie m says:

    awesome. so proud of you for the donuts. and can’t wait for saturday! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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