Average Jane

Not a care in the world

See the statement above? It’s almost as untrue as “I’m good with the cold.”

The truth is (and again, please feel free to expound on how much of an understatement this is), I worry about EVERYTHING. I actually think worrying is what I do best. I’ve talked before about my paralyzing anxiety, and perhaps “worry” is just another expression of my inability to get-the-fuck-over-it.

So one of my friends who really finds my worrisomeness particularly hilarious (and asked during every break in conversation last night what I was worrying about now) gave me a task: Take the most worrisome thing you’re being stupid about at the moment, write down everything you’re worried about, cross off every other one, and then get realize you’re an idiot for worrying about the rest.

This particular friend doesn’t exactly mince words… I actually think he’s the most honest, bluntest person I’ve ever met. But the guy happens to be right… most of the time. It’s pretty annoying. So I wanted to show him that I really am going to do this, and maybe it will actually help.

What I’m worrying about most: The impending dinner party

Things I’m worried about: 

  • It’s my first dinner party and I have no idea what I’m doing
  • The food won’t be hot when I serve it
  • I don’t have enough things to serve things in
  • Not enough chairs
  • My table is too small
  • Not enough pans to cook things in
  • Not enough water glasses
  • Silverware that never looks clean no matter how many times I wash it
  • I need to clean my entire apartment top to bottom and that will take FOREVER
  • I have no idea how much all the food is going to cost
  • I don’t have any of the ingredients for anything I am going to make
  • I have NO idea what I’m going to wear
  • I don’t know what we’re going to do once dinner is over
  • Nothing is going to match
  • My only table cloth has stains on it (thanks, mom, for leaving me with THAT one)
  • I only have 5 placemats of each pattern and they don’t even sort of almost match
  • In addition to planning the party, I have to plan a Voter Registration Drive for Sunday
  • …and pick up voter registration forms all over the county
  • I haven’t made burned the music for the party yet
  • No one will have enough to eat

This party is for my non-suburban friends who have been having amazing dinner parties for years, and finally it’s my turn to play hostess. I’m actually really excited. I love being hostess. And I’ll actually get to enjoy my excitedness once my worriedness goes away. And once I start drinking. Heavily. For once, I don’t have to drive 🙂

Lucky for me, I happen to have the most amazing friends in the world and none of them will give two shits about anything besides coming over, eating, and having beer. And they probably won’t notice any of the stuff that I know will go wrong. Except that most of them read this blog (HI GUYS!).

So, as far as I see it, I am not allowed to think about the things I crossed off. They are non issues. Now I have to find solutions to, or just get over, all the stuff I haven’t crossed off. EASY!

Check back throughout the day to see how that’s going.


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