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Twitter says what?

 Have you crazy kids started using Twitter yet? It’s bizarre. I mean, it is and it isn’t. It’s “microblogging”. I call it “extreme blogging” and “lame” interchangeably.

Basically, you blog about all the lame shit you do during the day. For instance, you might see the following from someone who just left the bathroom: “toilet paper cut on the ass. man i need to work on that.” But there’s also more interactive “tweets” (what people call the little bloglettes)… for instance, “@averagejane: how about you put your shirt on and spare the world.” And now,  I guess, people are actually twittering about things that matter, like politics: “Kerry just backed Obama. He needed that like he needed a hole in the head.”

Why am I sharing this fun new technology with you? Well….  so glad you asked.

So, I know this guy who happens to have a knack for programming things that didn’t ever need to exist but are super cool now that they do… Namely, he writes these twitter aggregator thingies that take all the microblogs (tweets) from Twitter and puts them all in one easy to use site based on a certain theme. Or something. I definitely have no idea how he does it but they are super fun.

I am definitely not one for “here’s a link, go play…” But I just love this one. It’s mega voyeuristic.

The first super fun one: Twittertale.com. It’s like being the uber-cyber-tattletale. If someone says fun stuff like “Oh, FUCK! Those are some hawt azz titties!” it’ll show up on twittertale. I know, I know. It seems ridiculous, but it happens to be hilarious.

The second super fun site is my personal favorite: Politweets.com. If someone twitters about a candidate, it shows up on the site, with Republican tweets on one side and Democratic tweets on the other. AND (because things like this get me excited) in the middle it has which candidate is being blogged about the most in a leaderboard. Now, if only there was a way to know whether the tweet was pro or anti candidate and adjusting their ranking accordingly so that we know who is actually the most popular amongst people that matter (see: geeks that use twitter).

OK. I really never do this, but just ask my super geeky friends like Jake Herringbone, when I saw Politweets this morning I was so excited. The developers are actually going to be interviewed by the Huffington Post about its awesomeness.

Wow, I never get this excited about stuff that doesn’t matter. You can obviously tell that I am trying not to think about stuff that does.



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  1. * Laundro says:

    Am I the only one bored with twitter and twitter like web 2.0 applications? I don’t get the hype. But I can see it ending up like a slap bracelet. Or is that my cynicism.

    I do like the “what am i doing” feature Facebook offers. It’s totally a one-stop for me.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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