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Signs (Or… a firm request for sanitary reasons)

So, speaking of signs

Last week, a sign popped up in the ladies’ room. Let me rephrase — not just *a* sign. Rather, a sign on every stall door, front and back.

When I walked into the bathroom and saw the papered doors, I assumed there was some urgent matter — maintenance scheduled perhaps. I barely read it. It wasn’t until I sat down did I really get a chance to have a good read:

“For sanitary reasons Building Management firmly request
employees should flush toilets after each use.”

So, I have a few… erm, concerns (?) regarding this request. This “firm” request. Maybe they are more questions. And more than that I think they may be completely rhetorical because the answers may concern me more than the initial, erm, concerns.

In no particular order:

  • Who doesn’t flush the toilet after every use? (OK – Besides dirty hippies. And even dirty hippies flush in public, right?)
  • Since the signs were apparently in the men’s an women’s room, is it more likely that it was a man or a woman who did this? My guess? Man. Rationale? They use the sit-down toilets far less frequently, and perhaps are unfamiliar with the rules?
  • Why did it need to be enumerated that this request was for “sanitary reasons”? What about, “Because it’s fucking disgusting, how about you flush the damn toilet. Use your shoe, for fuck sake, but just do it. Fuck.”
  • Was it necessary to put it on both sides of every door? Hmm… I answer my own question. Yes. Because I didn’t read it on the outside. (That being said… see below…)

I have to say, though, that is the only sign up in my building. Well, besides the one that went up the same day about turning off the water. Over every sink. Perhaps they should also put up a sign about flushing mid-poo to prevent clogging. I’ve never seen a clogged toilet in our fine establishment. Then again, I’ve also never seen a repeatedly or regularly unflushed toilet. This is another reason I believe the culprit is on the boys’ side. That, and the facility guy told me so. I mean, if they know it’s a boy who’s doing it, then why are they preaching to the ladies, anyway?

Speaking of the ladies… There is a sign that every woman knows about, because every woman sees it on every single bathroom stall (inside only). And maybe its still in place because women are commodally dense:

“Please do not flush sanitary napkins or tampons.”

I’ve seen these signs for YEARS! Does anyone still do that? Or attempt to? Because that’s lame. I mean, get the point, ladies. The little-toilet-that-could clearly cannot. The commode has its limits and cardboard/plastic is apparently it.

Anyway, as you go to the polls tomorrow, remember this: You may think that there are some ridiculous candidates on ye ole ballot — but there are people who still don’t know that you have to flush. Just like voting… flush early, flush often.


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  1. * Laundro says:

    >>is it more likely that it was a man or a woman who did this? My guess? Man. Rationale? They use the sit-down toilets far less frequently, and perhaps are unfamiliar with the rules?

    Ok, #1, with that rationale, men are facing the flusher and would be more likely to see it and use it. And #2 Men don’t care enough. Nor would complain to anyone. Nor would make a fuss enough to talk to management!

    My mother always had the rule at night that you only flush a pooh. She hated waking up to the sound of a flush.

    By the way, when did you become sexist?! I mean sexy.


    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Sam says:

    An iteration of the sanitary napkin sign is also on the inside of airplane lavoratories (frequently sans tampons), and despite the fact that I used to fly about 30 times per year, I didn’t figure out what that sign meant until I was about 25 years old. Indeed, that sign used to scare me more than gremlins and shoe bombers because in my mind, there was only one thing “sanitary napkins” could be: a euphamism for toilet paper.

    Obviously I was not going to forego the use of toilet paper. Flying is uncomfortable enough already. But everytime I flushed, I was a little bit terrified that the toilet paper I deposited in the shiny metal bowl, seemingly against the wishes and recommendations of the manufacturer, would cause the toilet to back up and overflow into the main cabin, and everyone would know it was me. Or the airplane would crash. Which wouldn’t be as bad the toilet backing up scenario.

    A quick survey of my guy friends after I finally figured out wtf a sanitary napkin is revealed that most of us didn’t understand this sign, and as a consequence, we generally ignored it completely. Men ignore that which we don’t understand; this is undoubtedly why your building manager felt the need to make the “flush, jackass” signs as explicit as possible.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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