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7:00pm is the wrong time for a recap

It’s Wednesday so I’m here at work, still.  It’s *checks clock* 7:12pm and yes, I know where my children are. My imagination, exactly where they should be.

So, given that I can no longer concentrate on my work and the thing that I’m waiting for isn’t done yet, I decided to catch up with you all since I haven’t written a damn thing since my tirade against engagements and diamonds [Note: I reserve the right to amend this whole aversion to diamonds in the future, and refuse to be held to anything I say herein. Dude, I’m a chick, ok?]

Um……… I’m still completely screwed up in the head, so we can just avoid all of that nonsense. No updates there.

I went on a few dates with this guy from Jdate (i know i know i know i know). First date was amazing. Shockingly so.  I guess that’s second dates happen — so you can confirm that he is infact as lame as every other guy you’ve met on Jdate, but you just happened to be having a good night and he just happens to look better when you really really want to make it work.  Second date was pretty lame. Third date was the nail on the coffin. He’s just… boring? He doesn’t find me funny. He doesn’t tell jokes. He doesn’t actually present any stories that are of interest to me. He says things like, “You should know, I eat protein at every meal.” and refers to his best friend as “the guy who got me into climbing” in every story he does attempt to tell. “I went on vacation with my best friend, the one who got me into climbing.” “Yeah, I did that once with my best friend, the one who got me into climbing.” “I learned that from my best friend, ya know, the one who got me into climbing.” “Have you seen XYZ? I saw it with the brother of my best firend… the one who got me into climbing.”  I finally said to the chap who my coworker affectionately calls the Science Project, “What the fuck is that guy’s name, because I get the fact that he’s your best friend and he got you into climbing, and some sort of familiar nomenclature is probably appropriate at this point.” Well, I didn’t say that exactly, but something along those lines.

OH- and he calls every day. Doesn’t have anything to say, so we cover the same two topics, “How was practice? How’s your project going?” And literally? That’s it. I even asked him, “So, is there anything else we can talk about? Do you have anything else going on in your life?” — “nope.”

Aaaaaalrighty then. Moving on.

I’ll have to break it off at some point. Just need to figure out what that point is and how to do it. Suggestions?

What else is going on with me? Hmmmmm. I haven’t been working out enough and I’m still kind of depressed about life.  I’m hung up on a guy I’ll never have, and the prospects for guys I could have are dwindling to nada.

I miss Carrie M. and hope we get to play soon.

But for now, I continue my daily routine of being at work too late. I’ll catch up with you all more as soon as I have more time!!!!


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  1. * chris says:

    Don’t worry so much — it’ll all work out. Dating sucks — worse than a bad relationship, but different. You’re a good person so don’t be so bummed. I know it sounds like crap but every day that you wake up really is a good day.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Sam says:

    “You’re a perfect for someone, and I think you should find that person because it’s not me.” I’ve been on the giving end of that line, and (because God has a sense of humor) I was on the receiving end about six months later. Honestly, it seemed like the kindest thing I could think to say, in a reasuring but concrete way … until I was on the business end of the same line later, at which point I remembered that no matter how it’s phrased, “no” is a tough word to hear.

    But I still recommend using that line because it usually at least has the benefit of being true. I mean, just think about it: somewhere out there is a cute Jewish chick who is just waiting to hear him start a story with the words “I was talking the other day with my friend Michael–” so she can ask, “you mean the guy who got you into climbing?” They’re going to get married and have beautiful children, and you’ll be happy for them (even if you hate the engagement ring).

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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