Average Jane

A for effort?

I had no intention of it happening this way. As a matter of fact, I had nothing but the noblest of intentions. It was 9:00pm and by the grace of someone, The Chemist hadn’t called. 24 hours was a long time for him to stay away, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had to ended our 2-week tryst.

I knew I was going to do it, end it that is. The question was how. Being that I’m not 12, I decided phone was the only reasonable course of action. I would pick up the phone like a man (erm, woman) and tell him, “look, I just don’t think it’s working out.” I constructed my words carefully during the hour long weight session I had prior to my executing the breakup itself.

I know what you’re thinking. You went on three dates with him. Buck up and get it over with. But you have to understand, this guy is fragile. From what I understand, he went on Jdate after a bad breakup with his ex, so I knew deep down that I was a rebound, so I had to tread carefully.

Anyway, I pick up the phone, dial his number and wait for him to pick up. Which he always does. Except for last night.

It went to voicemail. I had to make a split second decision. Do I tell him to call me back? Do I hang up and call him again later?

Or, do I make like a coward and leave him a voicemail saying something to the effect of, “Hey, so I’m sorry I didn’t call back last night. I was doing a kind of post-mortem on our last date, and I just don’t think we’re connecting the way I had hoped, and we should probably not continue dating. I really enjoyed getting to know you and I hope our paths cross again soon.”

Yeah – or I could do that.

So, I think I get an “A” for effort. I fully intended on doing the mature thing and talking to him about it. But I had all that momentum and like a train careening into the poor bastard stuck on the tracks, I just couldn’t stop. So, I say, perhaps I am a tad bit evil, but it was better than the alternatives: IM/Email breakup, Text breakup, just ignoring the poor sod.



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  1. * Sam says:

    Well, here’s hoping he doesn’t check his voicemail in public….

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Andi says:


    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  3. * carrie m says:

    this is why god created email – for relationship cowards. i’m one too, so i am passing no judgment! tip for next time.

    i’m around, my darlin’, just not great company these days (downgraded to full on wallowing this past week for the exception of being lost in a good book for a couple nights), but thankfully you love me anyway. right?! 😉 for reals, let’s catch up soon.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago
  4. * jd says:

    Definitely! I HATE it when guys just “disappear,” especially when the last thing they said to you was how wonderful and amazing you are. I, at least, automatically think back over the last date and wonder what I did wrong, which is so not cool, esp. if the dude has a reason for disappearing that has nothing to do with you: he’s going through some personal shit; he got back with his ex; he’s not ready for a relationship — whatever! Just tell me so i can move on and get out of this limbo!

    yeah, i’m going through this right now. it sucks.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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