Average Jane

A toast! To the bride and groom.

He met her the same day he met me. He got her, but I ended up the lucky one. I got her, too.

This weekend they are getting married, a wedding that is merely a grand pronouncement of their deep unending love for each other, as they have clearly already united their lives and their hearts. And while most girls spend the time before their friend’s wedding lamenting the loss of a girlfriend to her husband, for me I have no such fear. I get them both. How lucky am I.

She is a force to be reckoned with, the strongest woman I know. 6′ tall, stunningly gorgeous, and capable… capable of anything. Her energy is contagious. She feels colors with an intensity that I’ve never experienced before. She smiles sunshine. She practically bounces wherever she goes. She lifts you up just by being in her presence. She has lifted me up for 3 years now. Three amazingly difficult, transformational years in both of our lives.

She is my sister, my heart. She is the strength to my weakness, and I am the calm to her storm. We are what two female friends should be: supportive and honest. Helpful and kind. Loving and attentive. She takes the advice I give her, and I never hesitate in doing the same. She encourages me to be better and do better, but to never stop loving myself for one moment. She tells me that I deserve happiness when it seems like the world is against me. I remind her that the world is her oyster and that every one of her dreams can come true. Together, we are professional and nice, giggly and loud, centered and calm. We are inextricably linked. We are bonded at the most basic level. I never had a sister. Now I do.

He is one of the most interesting characters I know, and by far the smartest person I’ve ever met. He is a brother to me, the brother I never had. He gives me advice (flirty texts should never be more than 10 words) and shows me the errors of my ways (petaBYTEophile). He makes me laugh with his outrageous personality and cunning wit. He, too, bounces his way through life, and bounced his way right into my heart. He has shown me what a man can and should be to a woman. He has shown me, through his love for her, that he deserves her and that she deserves him. He is my brother. I am protective of him and get annoyed with him. He frustrates me one moment and cracks me up the next. We go out for “dude’s night” where he lets me, for a night, feel like one of the guys. The moments I get to steal with him, one of my best friends, are precious. For as grounded as I am, he reaches for the stars. His quest for knowledge is only trumped by his passion for life. We are inextricably linked at the most basic level. He is my brother, my heart.

They are a match. A yin and yang. More than that, they are MY match. My family. I have struggled to write this because there’s so much to say. Lucky for us, we tell each other how much we love one another all the time. Our stories would fill volumes and we’re just getting started. The best, truly, is yet to come.

While I won’t be making a toast at the wedding, I did want to tell the world about two of the most important people in my life. Tomorrow they get married. They are lucky, they are blessed. But, truly, am the luckiest and most blessed of all.


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  1. * Mrs. Emily says:

    “And while most girls spend the time before their friend’s wedding lamenting the loss of a girlfriend to her husband”

    Girls don’t really do that, do they? That’s kinda sad.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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