Average Jane

My Favorite Person I’ve Never Met

“She was probably my most favorite person I never knew.”

Centiemme… dear Centiemme. How eloquent you are with your words. How wise you are. And how friggen right…

I knew she was having a bad day, something involving 0’s and 1’s. While trying to find something to cheer up another friend, I came upon a video from last summer. It was the second Shins concert of the season and it was amazing. Mostly because of this woman:

She danced and sang with such… verve. Every ounce of her body was in the moment. She didn’t stop for the entire show, much to the chagrin of her adolescent daughter who could do nothing to ease the pain of her mother’s existence. Usually, concertgoers annoy the fuck out of me. But you couldn’t hate this woman. You also couldn’t take enough pictures. I wish I could experience that sort of foot-loose-fancy-free-ness sometimes. She let go with a reckless abandon that I can’t really do.

The video, aimed at making fair Centiemme smile, accomplished just that. I can’t take credit for coming up with it, but I have to agree 100%… this woman is by far my favorite person I never met… who isn’t a dude in a band or some socio-political figure.

Who is YOUR favorite person you’ve never met?


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