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Flipcup? Really?

Hmm. I really don’t want you to think I’m dragging this political thing out too long, and I’m not… but just indulge me for a moment…

Let me share with you my on “flip flopping”: The whole idea that it is frowned upon in politics when a person changes his or her mind is preposterous. If a person is against an idea, and then is presented with additional information that further elucidates the issue and provides reason for that position to be changed… fucking change it. Heaven forbid we allow people to grow and change and make decisions based on, ya know, information instead of, ya know, promises to lobbyists or God or whatever… Now, I know that the real issue is when positions are changed to placate the “base” or to save face, but still.

The takeaway here is this: Leave me alone.

It’s flipcup football season, ladies and gentlemen. And I joined up. That’s right, one of them 20-something social type leagues. For years I have sat in happy judgement of such leagues, primarily of the kickball variety, as I saw little merrit in the sport, and was even less impressed by the fact that in reality it was a flipcup league with a pre-party kickball game. I was disgusted by the throngs of color coded yuppie types that gathered in bars at odd horus, ordered beer pitchers by the dozens, and generally operated at a volume that I would imagine better suited for, ya know, the kickball field.

Flipcup as an establishment also baffled me. I guess the reason being that it was a drinking game, and typically drinking games operated under the guise of “Ooooh! You did something wrong! Now you have to drink!!! You wacky co-ed, you!” But really, the goal of drinking games is to get drunk. I figured if I wanted to get drunk, give me a beer or 10 and I’ll take care of that right quick. No need for rules.

So, for years, as I said, I would watch these flipcuppers and turn my little nose right up at them.

But Saturday, I am afraid, I flip-flopped on flipcup.

After the football game Saturday (2:00pm), I was invited by my brand new teammates to go to a bar that I would never go to under normal circumstances. I ate a protein bar and double fisted water for about 2 hours as I replenished after nearly pasing out during the second half of the game. (Lesson learned. Thanks, Mom.) I went upstairs to say goodbye to some other of my new teammates when I was asked to sub in for the flip cup team. Someone was going home. “OH, I’ve never played flip cup,” was my response. Next lesson: Never give an excuse that allows for convincing. “Don’t worry about it. It’s easy. Go on, give it a shot.”

The better option would have been, “I don’t believe in flip cup.” Can’t fuck with that shit.  After some ribbing, however, I was convinced to step in, but I wanted to practice. I won’t be made a fool. “No. You can’t practice.” Well… why the heck not? “You’re in my color jersey, and I will not have anyone on my team seen practicing flipcup.” Hmm…. interesting.

I stepped in. I figured, whatever. Look at me, the joiner. First football, then flipcup. I am officially… losing all dignity? Well… fuckin’ A.


I believe official flipcup lingo is “one and done”. And I was! A ringer! The crowds were cheering! High fives were flying! And how can I truly be against something that I am so darn good at? I am nothing if not a team player, and they needed me. I figured, look, everyone is actually drinking so I can’t use my “drinking game” theory on it. It’s like… track! A true relay. It’s just that, ya know, the baton is beer or something. Or team bowling. If one person sucks, it brings down the average and your team loses? Can anyone help me here?

*sigh* I do not think that I will actually become a regular at this flipcup thing, but ya know, I may have been won over. I was never a part of the greek scene at college. Fuck, I didn’t actually have enough friends in college to even play flipcup, but I can definitely appreciate the appeal of this type of camaraderie.

That, and if you play right, someone else buys your beer all night.

OK – how many of you hate me now?

I know you’ve flip flopped on stupid stuff before. Like when I started shopping at JCrew… What’s your most embarassing flip? Or flop. Or just say “Hi!” because my commenters matter 🙂


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  1. * PRSlaveDC says:

    Now I just have to get you to try Nascar… 😉

    Or come out to a kickball game!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  2. * aBove says:

    I always figured “flip-floppers” were “evil” because you can’t trust them. They say they’ll never do this, never do that, but they changed their mind about this thing…. very scary. Course, I completely agree with you that such a stance is ludicrous. If we can’t have reasoned debates, then we’re just left with seeing who can drink the fastest to settle our disputes.

    By the way, we are so playing the next time I visit.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  3. * Ivan says:

    *hasn’t read the post yet*

    At f*ckin’ last!! 😀

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  4. * Eva says:

    My most embarassing flip flop ever is Starbucks. Back in college and law school I was admantly against it in principle. It was taking away business from the super cool indy coffee shops and I didn’t appreciate it. Besides there was something just horrible about coffee and corporate – the two didn’t mix. I was militant – I used to lecture my friends on this. Then a couple of things happened; I learned that they give health insurance to their employees even if they only work part-time, the closest coffee to my office was a Starbucks, and I discovered that their coffee is actually pretty darn decent. So now I drink it on a pretty regular basis. I enjoy my indy coffee shops, but if they aren’t available, I still have coffee.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago
  5. * Emily says:


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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