Average Jane

Knee bone’s connected to the elbow bone

I may seem like I’m together… on top of my game. Cool, together Jane. That’s me.

Really, I’m pretty darn useless sometimes.

I now take you to my adoptive family’s house, 3:30pm today:

Average Jane: Sorry I’m a bit sweaty — just got back from football.
Adoptive Mom: That’s ok. Come on in. Here’s your jacket.
Adoptive Dad: (Looking down at my taped knee) Oh no! What happened? Did you get hurt?
Average Jane: Nah – I’ve got tendinitis in my elbow.

Well, my elbow is kind of close to my knee. Points for confusing my knee with another joint?



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  1. * Jessica:) says:

    …and then they gave you CAKE! Clearly, it was thought you could use the extra love for your knee or elbow or tummy or, well, wherever. And I’ve had your adoptive mom’s cakes, and they are GOOD. (And yeah, I’m a bit jealous. Enjoy it!) HUGS!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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