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Truth in blogging

In my discussion of the media and their mild pre-election-suckiness, I referred to the multiple streams from which I get my information. One of them is… blogs.

I know there’s a difference between entertainment blogs, news blogs, and silly little slice of life blogs like mine. News blogs I expect to be 100% accurate. They are not. Entertainment blogs I expect to be 66.67% accurate. They are not-ish. But what about our blogs?

To start, I’ll give you my policy:

Things I’m an honest Abe about: The stories. My opinions. 97% of the facts – 3% margin for things I forget because I don’t carry a laptop with me.

Things I’m mostly honest about: My dating life. Well, I’m honest about what I do tell you but I just don’t tell you everything.

Things I’m almost entirely lying about: Names and stuffs like that. Like me. (I’m not actually “Jane”. You got me.)

Now, that’s just my blog. That’s the expectation that I’ve set for myself on this here little corner of the interweb. But that might not be necessarily the expectations that other bloggers have set for theirs. A story of expectation (98% True): The book A Million Little Pieces was recommended by a friend. I read it at a feverish pace so it only took me about a month to get through. *sigh* About a week after I finished the book, it came out that it wasn’t true. Here’s the thing: I didn’t know it was supposed to be an autobiography. I read it as fiction. I mean – I’ve had major dental work done and there’s no WAY they’d do it without novocaine. I just made the assumption. I was shocked to find out not that it was fake, but that it was supposed to be real to begin with.

When I’m handed a book, I assume it’s fiction because I really only read novels.

When I read blogs, I assume they are true.

Is that a poor decision? Are blogs no more, really, than an online serial novel? Does it matter if they are true or not? Is it up to the writer to decide the intent of the blog and set those expectations?

Not that any of this matters. I’m going to crawl back into “tube” and remember not to blog before 6am again.

I guess before I go, I’ll thank all of you for even bothering to read this silly little thing. You’ve been with me for a long, long time now and have always given me the benefit of the doubt in my good writing and in my bad. In my coherent times and my mumbly times. I wouldn’t ever lie to you (without warning you first) (except for that whole “my name” thing) (oh, and 2% of that story above).


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  1. * Maxie says:

    I’m with you– when I read a blog I expect it to be mostly true. The only thing (other than names) that I sometimes fib about is timeline just to make it easier for me to tell a story.

    But I can’t imagine how shocked I would be if I found out one of my favorite bloggers wasn’t who they said they were.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Katherine says:

    I expect it to be true, because the ones I read usually are (they’re first hand accounts of one’s personal life, and I read the ones everyone else is…I mean…if Dooce wasn’t real she’d be outed right?) and the story last week that Kristen Wiig hooked up with Joe the Plumber was so obviously fake. And because I’m totally honest I expect the same, I guess. But I’m gullible so I’d be willing to accept that most of what I read is fake. 😦

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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