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“Live Blogging” my job hunt – Mayorga + Starbucks’ 1-2

Is the plural of Starbucks “Starbucks'” or “Starbuckses”? This is one of those questions I could more than likely just look up on this handy computer machine, and yet… No. I don’t suppose I’ll do that.

So I hear that the best thing to do when job hunting is to make it a full time job. There are certain features of full time jobs that I have had to implement in my job hunt:

1) Must wear clothing. Real clothes. No PJs.
2) Must be at an office (see below)
3) Must set aside chunk of time each day and reach goals for the day.

Since my old employer would probably not be keen on me utilizing my cube-sicle, I have had to find a new office from which to take on the job hunt. I have opted, as many have before me, for coffee shops. Preferably those with Free WiFi. OK – only those with free WiFi as mama can’t afford to shell out for the interwebs. It’s bad enough that I have to shell out for coffee.

So far I’ve been to 3 locations for hunting. I have decided to write reviews of each location in case you are ever in need of an office of your own.

Mayorga Coffee – King Farm, Gaithersburg, MD – Good start. They have this bar set up with a power strip and unlimited WiFi. Super cute guy at the end of the bar at 11am. Not sure what these people do for a living (or don’t do for a living) but there were more young people there than I had expected. The friendly banter from the other counterlings was appreciated as I was still a little raw from the lay off. I settled into my hunt, and polished off my first Americano (1/2 caf). After some blogging, chatting, and, yes, job hunting, I had poished off a second Americano and decided it was time to head home. Total time 3 hours. Total applications 2.

Starbucks (1) – Rio – Gaithersburg, MD – Friggen. Freezing. Only 2 hours of free WiFi thanks to my handy dandy Starbucks Gift Card. Most distinguishing feature of this Starbucks was how unremarkable and unfriendly the barristas were. The coffee was AWFUL (like, more awful than usual. I hate Pike Place.) and their personalities weren’t redeeming. Middle of the day brought the “Mommy and Me” crowd. Unfortunately the “me” part are typically screaming babies. Gah. I was in full on job hunt mode, so I chatted as little as possible. Then this woman sat down next to me. The best way to explain it… her hair… well, it looked like it was trying desperately to get away — escape. It was standing straight up on end in every direction, finger-in-a-socket style. Shocking. (Pun totally intended.) Her entertainment factor wore off as soon as she picked up her cell phone and started in on a drawn out conversation that I would have paid her to take outside. There is a balance I need to strike between a volume of music that is loud enough to drown out the idiots around me and quiet enough to concentrate. Total Time: 1.5 hours. Total applications 3.

Starbucks (2) – Dupont Circle South – Washington, DC- Friggen. Freezing. Again. The only table with an outlet is by the door. This is the only Starbucks I’ve ever seen with a TV. Kinda rad. Helpful barrist-o. Told me that I should try my 1/2 Caf Americano as a quad shot instead of just 3. 🙂 W00t. The people here are not as trendy as the Starbucks Dupont North or Super North. Not as many crazies here either, though. Only one old layd who walked up with a piece of paper that said “Friends of Terry McAuliffe” and said she wanted me to make a donation. I assured her that he was a fine gentleman but that I would go ahead and donate online, kthxbai. I won’t be back here but it was a nice change of venue. Total Time: 2 hours. Total applications: 1.

Alright – tomorrow is another day. Who knows where I’ll end up. Any suggestions? Remember, only requirements are free wifi and free wifi. Preferably hot, tall, employed single men. But, um, not required.


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  1. * Katherine says:

    I love Mayorga! I don’t know which one I went to was though.
    I’m still mad (a month later) that the sbux near your house is not free (or maybe I needed a card? hmmmm) I am thinking endless positive thoughts regarding your job hunt.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Mr. Emily says:

    How about the library?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Eva says:

    There is always Murky if you want to make the trek out to Virginia. 🙂 The scenary is quite nice there!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  4. * Sam says:

    I did my job hunting in the Starbucks at Adams Morgan – 1801 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC. I don’t remember if wifi was free or not. I guess it is now but wasn’t then.

    Sidamo on H St NE is short on the tall beautiful single men (um, you know, except when I’m there?) but I always feel calmer sitting in there before work.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  5. * kjohnsonesq says:

    Starbucki, perhaps?

    On second thought, no.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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