Average Jane

No. I’m Not Her. But I bet she’s HOT!

OK – So I know i just posted a mammoth live-blog from Starbucks #6, but I just have to say…

No. I am not her. I am never her. But she must be AWESOME!

For the second time today, I got a tap on the shoulder… “Are you ____?” No… I’m so sorry. I’m not.  “Oh, it’s just that I thought you were…” Nope. Not her. But I bet she’s lovely/hot/awesome/clever/wonderful/etc. I really am starting to just have fun with it.

Do I have that face? That look? That… hot-damn-you-look-familiar-ness coupled with an approachableness that inevitably leads to awkward encounters with strangers on a semi-regular basis?

I can’t actually recall a time when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Jane? Is that you?” Shit – has that ever happened to anyone?

Anyhoo… That’s my final report for the day. I can’t believe I wated perfectly good money on tea  to not even get any job hunting done. Lame.


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