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Dangerously Delicious Pies

Watching my family consume the apple pie I brought from Baltimore was nothing short of a religious experience. Between the moans of delight were postulations on ingredients and techniques. But most importantly, who is the man behind the pie? I really hope it was the fine chunk of man that sold me my pie, but I doubt it. I don’t remember tattoos, and I would have.

Have you been to Dangerously Delicious Pies in Federal Hill (Baltimore)? No? FOR SERIOUS? Because you should, like, now. Go on. I’ll wait.

Heading to Philadelphia for my interview, I wanted to bring my family a special treat for putting me up, but baking was out question because, well, I just got a manicure and I wasn’t messin’ it up for nothin’. I tried to find something super special, but sponge gloves and udder-carafes just weren’t cutting it. Then it hit me. I’d BUY something homemade. “To the bakery!” I exclaimed, probably too enthusiastically for my own good.

We were just blocks away from a bakery recommended by my all too accomodating brunch date. As we approached our destination, he told me they make the best pies in town. Pies! I hadn’t though of pies. Visions of Johnny Depp pranced through my head as we entered the dark storefront bakery. The few pies on display would not have made the cover of Fine Cooking magazine, but I put faith in this place of pie and the tall, attractive man in the Led Zepplin t-shirt and knit cap behind the counter.

With so many pies to choose from, I probably waivered longer than I should. He was giving a hard sell on the blueberry. “It’s more expensive, but we never have it in stock.” More expensive was $31 if I did the math right, and that was a tick more than I wanted to spend on pie. Plus – I had my heart set on the apple crumble, and it was the right price. He packed my hand-picked pie in a signature black box with a “pie and cross bones”  emblazened on the top and off I went to Philadelphia.

I had no idea that one pie could mean so much to so many people. Thanks, Pie Man!

Now go by some pies!

P.S. This was NOT a sponsored post, although if dude wanted to hire me, I’d move to Charm City tomorrow!


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  1. * Daniel says:

    Drool… Sounds delish. Now I will return to trying (and thanks to this post, failing) to enjoy my healthy snack.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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