Average Jane

#IranElection: It Could Happen to “US”

If I read in a history book that years ago a developing country’s electorate had been defrauded by the government to put a dictator/figurehead back in office, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d shake my head, shaming the backwards ways of the past, proud to say that we’ve come so far.

The details are staggering: An election held – a “democratic” election – where no judges were permitted to oversee the count. Where 40 million ballots were allegedly counted by hand, both candidates claiming victory well before the polls had closed.Where, when the people rally in opposition to what they see as unjust, the government intervenes, revoking press visas.

What’s happening in Iran is not happening in a different time, merely a different time zone. The suppression of a swelling voice of reason and democracy is a non-stop flight away. It’s safe to say that it’s not happening in a “there”. It’s happening here. In our lifetime. In our world. Our world of change. Our world of hope.

And what’s happening there could, and some say did, happen to us. And what did we do? We sent in the lawyers. What did they do? They took to the streets. They took to the “tubes”. They took to whatever medium would support their cries for help and justice and above all peace and democracy. They are standing up to a regime that their parents and their parents parents may not have had the strength to resist.

If it happened here… would you be willing to drop everything and take to the streets? To physically stand up for what you believe? I wonder. I talk so much about wanting what is just and right in the world. But what do I do? I sit and wait for someone to do something. People my age just across an all-too-small pond are taking their lives in their hands by standing up to a government they don’t believe in for the sake of themselves and future generations who don’t deserve to be oppressed in a world full of freedoms just out of their reach.

Be strong with Iran. Be strong for Iran. Be strong here in America so we can ensure that what happened there will never (again) happen here at home.


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