Average Jane

My Date with DC

I was invited for walk in DC. He was a stranger of sorts. The three hours we spent meandering the city was more a courtship with the district than the man in my company.

I was wooed by the streets. They flirted with me and I defended myself against perceived attacks on their character.

It went like this:

We started in Dupont headed nowhere. Disappointed that our path seemed to be headed straight for the Circle, I pushed us left. The next Circle was Logan and that seemed like a nice place wander. The Logan Circle I knew was no circle at all. It was a Whole Foods. A string of mediocre restaurants. Yuppies and Staffers. The Circle I found was beautiful and green. Filled with strangers in their own worlds. Reading, laughing, throwing a ball with their pup. Overtly sipping white wine with ice cubes out of glasses that seemed familiar. We stopped and chatted with some friendly, warm, fascinating Logan Circle residents. He worked for the Red Cross. She had spent her lay off in France and Indonesia. Her curly red hair struck me. His perfectly straight cut marks slightly below his tattoo struck me, as well.

We walked on past Logan Circle which fast became less desirable. I was uncomfortable as sunset began to settle over the city. He asked me what I thought of a house he was looking at buying. I said I wouldn’t move there and he asked why. “It’s feels so isolated.” Defensive, harsh, he countered: “But the nicest restaurant in DC is right over there. Just a few blocks. What are you talking about?” It didn’t feel right there. It felt removed. Apart. “There’s no escape route. No metro. No access to the highway. There’s no way out.” When those words came out of my mouth, I hoped he hadn’t noticed… noticed that I just described my take on life, love, everything. He pressed me on it. He wanted to know why. He didn’t ask nicely, though, and I found myself defending my love of DC while explaining my fears of moving into the city. I was recounting every failed relationship I had ever had and didn’t even know it.

From there we walked to one final circle, Scott Circle, where he took me to an apartment complex and we peered over the wall. “I never knew this was here,” he said as we looked at scores of children splashing so happily in a pool just feet away from the busy intersection I’ve driven through countless times. He found it on Google Maps as he was exploring the area. “I walked by it every day and I never knew it was there.” The city hides her gems, as I was about to find out.

I let him lead me as I was turned around by the streets I never walk. All of a sudden I saw a familiar site. We were almost on top of the White House. “Let’s go!” I exclaimed, as excited as a schoolgirl. “I have a plan in mind. It’ll be great.” Within minutes we were at the W Hotel, inside, on the elevator escorted by a list-wielding elevator concierge type, and finally on the roof. The view was breathtaking. This was the DC I brag about. This was the familiar friend and long time crush. This was the DC I’d miss if I left, an option so tempting to a wanderlust like myself. Some time later, after identifying all the obscure landmarks we could, we went downstairs to the White House where we dawdled for a bit as he learned about Ashraf and I gawked at the building I never tire of admiring.

Then it was back home. I don’t know how we got back to Dupont, but there we were. I couldn’t thank him enough. Not only did I get to bond with a stranger, but I got to know a great guy, as well.


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  1. * tmara says:

    Your DC date sounded amazing! Im a student in DC and when i get back I would love to just take in the city and enjoy all that it has to offer. I feel like I don’t do enough of it. So more about the W hotel…I soo want to do that!! Would they let me go on the roof though?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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