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What My Love Life Needs is a Compiler

Another weekend, another first date. I feel like each new fella warrants some kind of merit badge. I’ll be the veritable Eagle Scout of Dating. And alone in my nest, but I digress.

Last weekend was a former cabinetmaker turned graphic designer. We talked about art and music. He didn’t get my jokes. That’s a non-negotiable.

This weekend was a codemonkey hipster. An adorable one. We talked about our industry and current events and… programming languages. It came up organically, starting with some linguistic nuances, like negations in French vs. negations in French Canadian French. I finally got around to asking a question that I’ve honestly always wanted to know: “How can people just come up with new programing language. Just… invent them?” And he explained. Which was remarkably hot.

In a conversation today with our resident head codemonkey, I tried to impress him with my new knowledge:

Me: So on this end there is programming languages that take a long time to code but run really fast <—

Me: And on that end over there you’ve got programming language that you can code super quick but isn’t as awesome –>

Me: And apparently python is over there –>

Me: And C+ is over there <—

He interrupts my Instant Message Soliloquy. “C++”

“Do you want some real knowledge?” he asked. I responded, “Will it be useful in impressing a coderboy?”

5 minutes and countless lines of explanation later, his explanations did make sense and will, in theory, be useful.

“…the get turned into 1s and 0s at ‘runtime’. God, I’m never going to get laid, ugh.” Useful and defeated. Bless him. “One day! Hey, just think: I’m trying to learn this stuff to get laid!”

“You’re the ONLY ONE.”

I can’t imagine that! When geeks start talking code to me, it really turns me on. There’s something super sexy about an attractive geek. It’s like,  “geek” is the MSG of hotness. Kicks it up a notch. And leaves you wanting more? Fucking metaphors. Being smart and attractive is the holy grail.




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  1. * terra says:

    I agree. Cute nerd boys are so enticing.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Emily says:

    I’m not as big a fan of the code as you, but I totally agree that intelligence is a must-have!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 4 months ago

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