Average Jane

You Can’t Go Home: My DC Weekend and Why I May Never Go Back

Food. Friends. Flirtations.

Modern Art. Mega Music. Mob of Santas.

Conversation. Coffee. Common Ground.

It was the most amazing 24 hours in DC which is exactly why I can’t go back. Not for a while. Not until Philadelphia feel more like home than my home that isn’t anymore.

I didn’t meet the love of my life while I was home, but I did see The One That Got Away. That wonderful fish swam into the arms of someone he deserves. Someone lovely. But I didn’t go home for him.

I went for me. To be comfortable. To be amongst people that I can share stories with – not stories from work or stories about what happened last week, but stories about me. I went home for my friends. For the fail-safe night at the seedy bar. I was treated to bonuses like the Santa Flashmob on the Mall, the quick trip to the Hirshhorn Museum, the strangers who strike up conversations at a bar, not to get in your pants but because it’s fun, who find my, we’ll say, dry sense of humor charming and not contrived.

And so I just can’t go back. I can’t think of it as an option. I can’t take 95 S to my happy life. I have to find “happy” here in Philadelphia. I know it’s here! I saw it. Just a glimpse, but I did. Philly, watch out. I’m here to stay… for now.


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  1. * terra says:

    The Santa Mob sounds amazing. 100% amazing and I am more than a little bit jealous.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 4 months ago

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