Average Jane

They’re the people that we meet, while we’re sittin’ in our seat!

The morbidly obese guy behind me is breathing impossibly loud. It was desperately annoying until it fell silent. Then I thought he was dead. The snoring I could do without. So can the guy across the aisle.

And to his right is the middle aged man trying to buy a used Subaru Outback for his daughter. He doesn’t want to buy from a second owner. Wants it inspected on a rack. Can’t see it at 2. Will send his wife or son, who knows something about cars, over on Sunday.

The woman next to me is knitting up a storm. Her phone vibrates. Loud. Like, how about a ringer instead to keep the noise down.

There’s a guy about 6 rows up in a suit. He can’t be more than 23. He looks really uncomfortable… with life.

Then there’s me. Nabbed two seats. Ate too much. Nauseated. Grateful for wifi but resenting my inability to shut it all down, to rest my eyes, to get this headache to pass.

Oh, well. DC… HERE I COME!


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