Average Jane

In sleep…

I had a dream last night. A vivid, vivid dream that I only just remembered. It’s shaken me a little, but not too much.

I don’t know what the event was or why I was there, but she was there, too. She’s famous and gay and one of my idols. I was waiting in line to meet her when she turned around to say, “hello.” It wasn’t strange. It was familiar. We didn’t know each other. She kissed me. She kissed me and I kissed her back. And it felt right. And I went home with her and we spent time just being together. No sex. Nothing obscene. Just loving one another, doting on one another. And then I woke up.

Was this a celebrity crush dream? Was it a dream where I realized what I need is someone nurturing, not someone to knock my sexual socks off? Someone who just wants to love me?  Was it something more than that?

This woman, this celebrity, I suppose would be my “type” should I have a type of woman. Smart, attractive, hilarious. But surely that comes in a boy, right?

Anyway, it was a nice dream regardless. But just a dream.


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  1. * Emily says:

    Playing in my mind is Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl and I liked it…” 🙂

    Martha Beck (life coach, author) says every character and symbol in your dream is a difference manifestation of yourself and has this interesting dream analysis technique where you look at each element in the first person, like “I am [the celebrity],” describe the characteristics and how you are trying to help the dreamer. (It’s described in her book, Steering by Starlight.)

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 5 months ago

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