Average Jane

Vegas, Baby

“My closet is so sad. I don’t even have anything slutty enough to fly to Vegas in!”

With my bags packed, this became my only concern. Naturally, I had to text B.

“50% of being slutty is attitude. You can be slutty, I believe in you!”

She’s right.

Last time I went to Vegas I came home with an Irishman. Literally. Not sure if I’ve told you that story, but if I haven’t, it’s a doozy.

I played my cards right. Laid it all out on the table. I didn’t care. I wanted it. I got it. And it was the attitude. And, no. I wasn’t swinging for the stars here, but I put one up on the tee and hit that fucker out of the park.

I guess Vegas does that to you. Puts the odds in your favor. Evens the playing field — everyone knows why they’re there. No secrets. No regrets.

Vegas, here I come…



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  1. * Eva says:

    go m’dear go!! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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