Average Jane

Dawson Comes to Ardmore to Film… in a Parking Lot.

God bless Twitter.

Around 10pm, a local business owner Tweeted “And James Vanderbeek is in Schauffele Plaza shooting Ben Hickernell’s new movie. #Ardmore”

Rapid Googling showed me that the target (AKA James Van der Beek, AKA Jimmy) was less than half a mile away. I consulted “Facebook” and the DJ and darling Miss B and the answer was clear – I would see Dawson. Oh, yes. He would be mine.

And by “mine” I clearly mean within 50 feet of me, which I can say with certainty he was.

I live in a small town. It’s sweet, truly. There’s a long main drag with cute little shops. A post office. Car wash. 80 million college kids. But not a damn thing happens here of note. Which is why it was particularly peculiar that Hollywood came knocking at our door.

Fact: M. Night Shyamalan lives down the road.

Other Fact: This wasn’t his film.

Rather, it’s a flick by another local favorite who has filmed all along the Main Line (according to the three seconds of Googling I did in the parking lot while I stood continuing my celebrity hunt along with who bubbly college girls who stumbled upon the set, as well.

We finally spotted our target while he was snacking on Bella Italia pizza — the best pie on the Main Line according to the sign in the window. He was wearing a black polo shirt and khakis. He was blonde. Aaaand that’s about all I have to say about him. Besides the fact that upon first glance he seemed so short. Until I realized that my piss poor depth perception may be tied to an equally piss poor height perception. The internet says he’s 6′ tall. Naturally, I believe the internet.

I stood on the lot for probably an hour. I saw them do 6 or so takes of the same 1 minute sequence that involved two girl “rowers” with “medals” for winning some “championship”… and their parents. There were high fives. There was giggling. My guess? Rom Com.

I’m not the star-struck type. I really couldn’t have cared less about the actual filming, but something was happening in my stupid little town. It was a friggen miracle. And I was happy to be a part of it!


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