Average Jane

Mom Logic

On my way home from the gym after an 10 hour work day I decided to call my Mom.

Jane – Hey, Mom.

Mom – Hi, Honey. How are you doing?

Jane – I’m exhausted.

Mom – Well, does your air conditioning work? Because it’s so hot outside, so the air conditioning will feel really good. Does your apartment get hot? It’ll be good to get home and cool off.

Jane – I’m not hot, mom. I’m tired.

She got *really* close to be helpful.

See, it would have been PERFECT if  I called her and said, “Hey, Mom. It’s hot as balls outside.” Perhaps she was just anticipating that conversation because to be perfect honest, it was hot as balls outside. So really, she was well prepared with perfect advice and I did the ole bait and switch on her.

Ah, well. She tried. And she was probably just exhausted like me.


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