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Golf: Discuss.

Today was my office’s first annual golf outing. As I have never golfed, I volunteered to drive the beer cart. As this is a mostly completely anonymous blog, I can share with you that I had some ulterior motives.

First, everyone loves the beer cart girl. And as I don’t know many people in the office, I figured this would be a good way to meet my office mates and make a good impression. After two years.

Second, it was the perfect way to talk to/win over some of the SUPER hot guys I work with that I wouldn’t have a reason nor the balls to talk to at work.

Third, it got me the fuck out of the office. Until I went back to the office after we finished golfing.

I had no idea how pervasive golf was in my age/job cohort. There were people that I’d never expect to play golf let alone be good at golf out there kicking ass and looking good doing it. Two jobs ago, the mid-big-boss-lady met her husband at a golf lesson which she encouraged me to do and I swiftly ignored as I assumed the type of guy I’d meet golfing wouldn’t *really* be my kind of guy. Nor did I think I’d have any ability to perform the act of “golf.” But after a few swings today, I think I might not be half bad at it.

Golf is like olives. They’re things “adults” should enjoy. Olives I’m currently working on. I still don’t think I like them, but I eat them because I know I should. Perhaps golf is the next frontier.

Wilco, the third part of the trifecta of things adults like, I have given up on. Two out of three ain’t bad…

So, what do you think? Golf?



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  1. * Katherine says:

    My mom says that decisions are still made on the golf course, and I think she’s right. So I will repeat that, and encourage you to try. I also think you’d be good!

    I do not like olives, but I do like Wilco. You like Spoon, though right? I always thought those bands went together. Acceptable substitute.

    (I expect that in a few years I might like olives. I’m counting on it, actually.)

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 9 months ago

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