Average Jane

High School Is Over. You’re 30. Move on. – An Open Letter to Me From Me

Alright, Jane. It’s time we talked.

You’re 30. Thirty. It’s about time you got over your high school hangups. Since therapy doesn’t seem to fit into your schedule, we’ll go ahead and talk it out right here.

1) There aren’t popular kids any more. And if there were, you would have to prove yourself to them now just as much as you did back then which is NOT AT ALL EVEN A LITTLE BIT. The people you see out at Happy Hour who are surrounded by the hot guys or the easy girls are not popular. They are really good at Happy Houring. You do not need nor want their attention. You need to prove nothing to them. For serious.

2) No. Really, there aren’t popular kids. Hmm… A theme? Jane! Stop trying to be something you’re not. And stop trying to push away people who seem “too cool” for you. (And why do you feel so comfortable with sharing this completely ridiculous hang up in a really awkward faux third person narrative?)

When you get into a new crowd, Jane, be yourself – just… a gentler yourself. Don’t live life quite so out loud. Be nice. Flirt a little. Don’t be angry. Holy shit, I’m your mother. Which means you’re your mother. Which has got to be weird for you right now.

Stop pushing people away. You’re not the geeky tomboy you were 15 years ago. You’re a beautiful confident person who is scared as hell to let people in because you’re positive they’ll shit on you just like they did back then. Only if you let them, Jane. Only if you let them. Let them in. Get hurt the right way – the authentic way. They way that lets you have the experience before feeling the pain.

Give it a go, k? Let me know how it goes and we’ll go from there.



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