Average Jane

The “It” Factor

I really suck at trying to be something I’m not. At 30 I think I decided to just… hope someone at some point gets it. And likes it. And has an “it” too.
When baited by someone to reveal what the “it” is, I tap danced: 
I guess the snarky answer would be “someone who could put up with me”
But the truth is, I knew. 
I think the real answer is someone who wants to put up with me.
Who likes that I like talking about Big Things (but maybe don’t have all of the details about the Big Things I like talking about).
Who likes the banter, and is confident enough to know that I’m bantering because it’s how I flirt.
Who will tell me I’m smart in equal measure to telling me I’m pretty.
Who is ok with an independent lady who sometimes is independent just because she can be not because she needs to be.
And I said it. To someone who maybe one day would need to know those things. With my confidence all too shaken, I said what needed to be said because I deserved to say it, but more than that, I deserve to have it. 

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